Our Mission

Our Missiontitle

The mission of DECA is to provide students with an engaging, nurturing, equitable learning environment that promotes the development of skills necessary for the 21st century. DECA will provide students with the opportunity to reach their full academic potential through critical thinking, effective communication, creativity and collaboration, with a multicultural and multilingual emphasis. DECA will facilitate students' educational and personal growth by nurturing and supporting a partnership of students, teachers, families and the community; by building upon research-based educational philosophies.
Our Vision

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Our vision is to provide a learning environment where students of all socio-economic levels and ethnic backgrounds embrace education, exhibit compassion, and accept personal responsibility. 
DECA Creed

DECA Creedtitle

Please help your student memorize our DECA creed. We recite it school wide on a daily basis.
I am a DECA coyote, so I keep in mind…
I am safe, responsible, respectful and kind.
Kelly Beard
Kelly Beard
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